Master Maine Sea Kayak Guides for over 25 years.

Outfitters in Bar Harbor Maine and the Florida Everglades.

  • Maine Acadia Region.

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    We are offering this Everglades tour by appointment only.

    ( We will do this tour in February 2019.)

  • Day trip into the Jungle

  • Includes your guides who have been doing this trip for over 20 years.

  • Cost $ 110.00 per person (Light lunch Included).

  • We begin at 8:30 A.M and should be off the water late afternoon.

  • We meet at the Port of the Island Resort.

  • Port of the Island address is 25,000 Tamiami Trail Naples Florida.

  • Call 888-786-0676.

  • We will unload our kayaks at a brackish stream in the middle of the Glades. This is an old smugglers stream. Twenty years ago we were still finding hidden stashes in this area. We will paddle through a maze of salt water streams hidden between tall stands of mangrove. You will experience the area just as it was hundreds of years ago; their is little sign of man in the back country of the Glades.

    This region presents a most impressive mosaic of creatures, it is not uncommon to see manatee, otters, sea turtles, roseate spoonbills, eagles, alligators; we have over the years; seen crocodile's in the Fauka Union canal that were about the same size as the kayaks we were in. The Port of the Islands on the canal was the largest distribution center in Florida; for drug smuggling.
    There are dozens of hidden streams that all converge at this location;
    I ran a crab trap line in this region for several years.