This is a general guide to the pond; get out there and swim !!

  • #1=Several trees under water; lots of small fish and air bubbles.

  • #2=Spring hole; lots of assorted vegetation; fish hanging by the spring hole; you can feel the temperature contrasts.

  • #3=Deep water (seven feet) with lots of air bubbles and large predator fish.

  • #4=Lots of Crayfish.

  • #5=Lots of Lilly pads and constantly; the most fish in the pond.

  • #6=Ducks and Loons favor this area.

  • #7=Intermittent Thread Algae with crayfish.

  • #8=The Algae is so thick here; you can see it on a satellite photograph.

  • #9=More Thread Algae.

  • #10=Lily Pads; air bubbles.

  • #11=Deep Water 7 to 10 feet deep; even bottom.

  • All of the land surrounding the lake is private; the beach is the only public access.
    Please respect their privacy.

  • There is a rest room at the beach.

  • There is parking at the beach

  • This is town property and belongs to the citizens of Lamoine.

  • Keep you feet and fins off the bottom; protect vegetation.

  • There are no life guards; be safe.

  • You should always have some type of flotation device with you at all times;
    we use a bright colored boogie board with a waist tether.

    Others may prefer bright colored snorkel vests.

    I believe from these water trails we may find some economic benefit.

  • If each one of our 16 counties had just one; snorkel outfitter; we just created at least 16 jobs.

  • If each county had at least one water trail specifically designated for spearfishing; we just created more jobs.

  • The state could offer spear fishing tags; for a fee.

  • Introduction of D.E.P. approved fresh water reef's could enhance the experience.

  • There could be stationary; under water wildlife observation bells adjacent to these reefs.

    In the summer of 2012 we spent around fifty hours of snorkel time in the pond; mapping out this water trail.

    The early morning is always the best time; usually low winds and quite peaceful.

    We did two different loops; the short loop (From # 1 to # 5); takes around forty five minutes.

    The longer loop (#1 through # 10); takes around an hour and a half)

    This is a model for what could evolve to a cottage industry in Maine.

    There are hundreds of lakes here; that could qualify for water trails.
    We are fortunate to have such an incredible aquatic resource; the state has done well for our fisheries;
    but it is time to bring new ideas and possibilities; to our recreational options.

  • If you believe there is a body of water near your home; that would make a good trail; map it out and make it happen.

    Feel free to contact me @ 207-812-0777.

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